Roll of Honour

Charlton Kings Working Mens Club

Location:   Church Street, Charlton Kings Grid Reference:   SO 965215
Unveiled:    Names on Roll of Honour: 2 deceased
Visited:   September 2003 UKNIWM Ref:   In due course

Inscriptions on the Roll of Honour: 1914 - 1918   Charlton Kings Club and Institute Roll of Honour

Inscribed above are the names of those members who left their peaceful vocations to serve in His Majesty's Forces during the War   Duice est decorum pro patria mori

Alphabetical list of those commemorated on this Roll of Honour who were killed or died

Bloodworth E W Chapman G A


1.   Chapman is commemorated on the grave of his parents in Charlton Kings (St Mary's) Churchyard.

2.   Charlton Kings War Memorial can be viewed here.

3.   Charlton Kings (St Mary's Church) War Memorial can be seen here.

4.   Charlton Kings Baptist Church Roll of Honour can be viewed here.


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