Roll of Honour of Officers of the Gloucestershire Regiment

Who Died in the Great War


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Regimental Details of the Gloucestershire Regiment as published in The Army List (August 1918)



"And to us who are left to mourn their departure grant that we may not sorrow as those without hope for our beloved who sleep in thee.   But that always remembering their courage and the love that united us on earth, we may begin with new courage to serve thee more fervently, and that when we have passed a few more days in this valley of tears we may see them again face to face in those pastures where we trust they already walk with thee".   Inscriptions on the Salperton War Memorial, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.



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Aim of the Website/Project

The aim of the project/website is simple.   It is to collate into one place an accurate record of the service and death of the 435 officers of the Gloucestershire Regiment who died in the Great War and to make a permanent record of their sacrifice.   These officers served and died for their country on land, sea and in the air.   To complement the Roll of Honour, a separate part of this website is devoted to the ships, other regiments, HQs and air squadrons in which these officers were serving when they were killed in action, died of wounds or illness, or were accidentally killed whether on active service or not.   A detailed statistical analysis of these 435 officers can be viewed here.   It is planned in due course to complete a small but relevant biography on each of these officers, with, if possible, photographs.



Research is continuing for further information which will be posted on the site as soon as it can be checked and confirmed.   It is a long term aim that photographs of these officers and their headstones are obtained and are posted to the site.



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Commonwealth War Graves Commission

There are some apparent anomalies in the individual records in the Debt of Honour Register maintained by the CWGC and these are listed here with the suggested corrective action taken, and the long term aim is to correct all of these inaccuracies.



The author has taken every reasonable care to ensure that the information on this website is as accurate as possible.   Please contact the author should errors or omissions be discovered by visitors to the site in order that corrective action can be taken.   Contact details are shown above.


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The site is intended for researchers, military and family historians and anyone who is keen to discover this all too significant history of the Gloucestershire Regiment.



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The Gloucestershire Regiment

During the Great War the Gloucestershire Regiment was organised into Regular, Territorial Force and Service Battalions as described here.  


Facts and Figures

A total of 435 officers of the Gloucestershire Regiment (and 15 of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars, listed separately) lost their lives in the Great War and a detailed analysis of these casualties can be viewed here.   433 are buried as war casualties in Cemeteries or commemorated on Memorials throughout the world.   The remaining 2 officers have not been classified as official war casualties and are buried in private graves.


174 officers are buried in 119 cemeteries in France and 40 are buried in 28 cemeteries in Belgium.   Officers who were killed in battle and have no known grave are commemorated on Memorials To The Missing.   There are 90 officers who are commemorated on 9 memorials in France with 56 being listed on the Thiepval Memorial in the Somme area and 2 officers who are currently incorrectly commemorated on memorials in Belgium who should properly be commemorated in France - one on Thiepval and the other on Pozieres   A further 32 officers are commemorated on 2 memorials in Belgium.   2 officers were lost at sea and are commemorated on special memorials.


There are 31 officers who are buried in the UK and one, 2Lt H D McArthur, whose grave has not been located, is commemorated on the Brookwood (UK 1914 - 1918) Memorial.  


No officers were killed whilst serving with 18th (Service) Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, which was formed in the UK on 20th June 1918 and involved on active service in France between August and November 1918.


Cemeteries, Memorials and Commemorations

These officers lie scattered around the globe, mostly in North West Europe: actual cemeteries and locations can be found here.   Those who have no known grave and are listed on Memorials To The Missing in the area in which they were killed or died are listed here.   The majority are listed on war memorials and rolls of honour throughout the towns and cities of the UK are can be found here.   Some are remembered in their home or town of residence by a commemorative plaque, or stained glass window and a list of these can be viewed here.


Honours, Awards and Decorations

Many of these deceased officers received honours and awards for bravery or meritorious service in the Great War and these are listed here.   A list of the type of medals awarded for gallantry or campaign service in the Great War, or plaques and scrolls presented to the next of kin of deceased officers and soldiers can be seen here.


After the War

The Great War officially ended on 31st August 1921.   One of the more unfortunate effects of this was that the previous recognition of war casualty status by the War Office and Commonwealth War Graves Commission ceased to exist.  In effect, all servicemen whose death was attributable to wounds or illness caused by war service after this date were no longer entitled to a recognised grave or official headstone.   Those officers who are known to have died of wounds or injury caused by war service and are not officially recognised are listed here, - the author's tribute to these heroes.



To the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for their never ending work to ensure the accuracy of the Debt of Honour Register and to the organisations and people listed in the Acknowledgements page for their help, information and guidance.



In the quest for information and guidance the author has visited many Great War and associated websites.   A short list of these sites is contained on the Links page.


On 7th February 2008, the MoD and CWGC accepted a case submitted by the author on 17th November 2007 for 2Lt Hugh Dayrell McArthur, 9th (Service) Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, who was killed in an accident at Bristol Temple Meads Railway Station on 3rd November 1914,  to be accepted as an official war casualty and to be included in the Debt of Honour Register.


Roll of Honour of Officers of the Gloucestershire Regiment Who Died In WW2

An alphabetical roll of the 62 officers of the Gloucestershire Regiment who were killed or died during the Second World War can be viewed here.


Roll of Honour of Officers of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars Who Died In WW2

An alphabetical roll of the 19 officers of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars who were killed or died during the Second World War can be viewed here.


Other Regiments

Also recorded and honoured in this website/project are the names of the officers of the Herefordshire Regiment, the Monmouthshire Regiment and of the South Wales Borderers who died in the Great War.   These can be viewed here:




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They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

 Written by Robert Laurence Binyon - 1914







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