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Regimental Details of the South Wales Borderers as published in The Army List (August 1918)



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Site Author

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Aim of the Website/Project

The aim of the project/website is simple.   It is to collate into one place an accurate record of the death of the 306 officers of the South Wales Borderers who died in the Great War and to make a permanent record of their sacrifice.   These officers served and died for their country on land, sea and in the air.   A detailed statistical analysis of these 306 officers can be viewed here



Research is continuing for further information which will be posted on the site as soon as it can be verified.  



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Site Development

An enormous amount of relevant information is available through the following organisations and publications:


In the main, most information has been gleaned from "The History of the South Wales Borderers 1914 - 1918" by C T Atkinson, but all these sources together form the basis of the information contained on this site.  


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

There are some apparent anomalies in the individual records in the Debt of Honour Register maintained by the CWGC and these are listed here with the suggested corrective action taken, and the long term aim is to correct all of these inaccuracies.



The author has taken every reasonable care to ensure that the information on this website is as accurate as possible.   Please contact the author should errors or omissions be discovered by visitors to the site in order that corrective action can be taken.   Contact details are shown above.


Intended Viewers

The site is intended for researchers, military and family historians and anyone who is keen to discover this all too significant history of the Gloucestershire Regiment.


The South Wales Borderers

During the Great War the South Wales Borderers (24th Regiment of Foot) was organised into Regular, Territorial Force and Service Battalions as described here.   A total of 21 battalions were raised during the course of the war but only 11 saw active service, and fighting battalions saw combat in China, France and Flanders, Gallipoli, Salonika, Aden, Mesopotamia and Kurdistan.


Other Regiments

Also recorded and honoured in this website/project are the names of the officers of the Gloucestershire Regiment, the Herefordshire Regiment and the Monmouthshire Regiment who died in the Great War.   These can be viewed here:





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They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

 Written by Robert Laurence Binyon - 1914










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